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Article: Portrait of LEO BUCHET

Portrait de LEO BUCHET - Lords & Fools - Sacha ANTOINE - artiste, congo, cover, ferre gola, stylist

Portrait of LEO BUCHET

Portrait of Leo Buchet


"As far back as I can remember, I have always been passionate about fashion. I did not study fashion, nevertheless I have always had a very sharp taste for fashion and a precise aesthetic vision and singular. Even before making it my job, I always liked to help those around me and stylize them for pleasure. But it was only very recently, a year ago now, that I started to make -job.

At the time, I was approached to work on Wejdene's “Je t'aime de ouf” music video. Several stylists had been proposed and it was finally me that the team chose. Since that day, I have worked on many projects as a stylist and sometimes artistic director on photo/video editorials, tv sets, with influencers for events, clips in particular for Wejdene or even for covers of album like the one made for the artist Ferre Gola.

Being a stylist is synonymous with constant renewal, vision and I like being able to renew myself both in the projects I choose and the artists I work with."

Throwback to the shooting of the cover of the new album
Ferre Gola dynasty.

Ferre gola in Lords&Fools, Gatsby model from the Summer 2022 collection

The Father just signed with Sony Music Africa , the African branch of Sony Music Entertainment , based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Good news for Ferre Gola ! The Congolese rumba star, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has just signed a contract with Sony Music Africa . The Congolese artist thus joins the square of artists, like 25K and DJ Emotionz , among others.

The signing of this document, in Johannesburg, South Africa, coincides with the release of his new opus, "Dynasty" , produced by his new record label, whose launch is planned this March 25, 2022.

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Pièce Emblématique de la collection Hiver 2021. - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha - embroideries, ferre gola

Emblematic piece of the Winter 2021 collection.

Iconic Piece from the Winter 2021 collection. Cannetille embroidery with glass beads and black rhinestones set, made by our Master Craftsmen, on a black Venetian velvet. ...

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Male Ego 🖤 Lords&Fools

This is a story that has been going on for more than 10 years. "Since I was little, I wanted to have my own shop" , announces Jérôme Dapzol-Roche , manager of the Ego shop , with his big s...

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