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Article: Emblematic piece of the Winter 2021 collection.

Pièce Emblématique de la collection Hiver 2021. - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha - embroideries, ferre gola

Emblematic piece of the Winter 2021 collection.

Iconic Piece
from the Winter 2021 collection.

Cannetille embroidery with glass beads and black rhinestones set, made by
our Master Craftsmen, on a black Venetian velvet.

An exceptional piece, worn by Padre Ferre Gola

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Bob Sinclar / Lords Fools - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha - bob sinclar, crush magazine
bob sinclar

Bob Sinclar / Lords Fools

Head to your favorite newsagent! In the latest issue of CRUSH MAGAZINE interview with cult DJ Bob Sinclar ! Shooting by the talented Renaud Corlouër . Floral Jacket Ba...

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Portrait de LEO BUCHET - Lords & Fools - Sacha ANTOINE - artiste, congo, cover, ferre gola, stylist

Portrait of LEO BUCHET

Portrait of Leo Buchet Stylist "As far back as I can remember, I have always been passionate about fashion. I did not study fashion, nevertheless I have always had a very s...

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