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Un savoir faire d’expérience et d’innovation

Yoahm Baroukh a commencé dans le monde de la mode en lançant son premier concept store à 21 ans, dans le quartier du Marais à Paris, puis en a lancé un deuxième et un troisième.

Connu à l'époque comme le pionnier de l'univers masculin, il a été le premier en France à présenter des créateurs tels que Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Dsquared, Vyktor & Rolf ...

Petit-fils de tailleur, il s'est fortement inspiré de l'univers des costumes et a décidé de s'inspirer des tendances, des styles, des siècles passés pour lancer sa propre collection en 2012.

L'histoire lui a donné raison car le succès est au rendez-vous pour la Maison Lords & Fools, et ses créations se vendent ajourd'hui dans les plus belles boutiques des 5 continents.

Cultiver la qualité, dépasser les limites, tel est le quotidien de la Maison Lords & Fools pour qui rien n’est impossible.

L’obsession du détail s’est insinuée dans nos ateliers et a forgé l’esprit Lords & Fools.  Singularité, Audace, Hédonisme, Excellence, Pérennité en expriment la quintessence. Il est essentiel pour la Maison de perpétuer le savoir-faire, d’entretenir un dialogue avec l’Art et de s’engager auprès des institutions culturelles.
La Maison Lords & Fools souhaite partager ses passions.


Jan 09, 2022 Antoine Sacha


Interview in Elite Club Magazine

Jan 15, 2022 Yoahm Baroukh

Fashion house LORDS & FOOLS blends tradition and modernity since 2012.
Constantly searching for STYLE and NOBILITY, the brand selects only the
most beautiful fabrics from French and Italian workshops. All the lines are
assembled in the best manufacturing workshops in Portugal in conformity
with precise specifications.
In 2000 Yoahm Baroukh (on the photo above), Founder and Chief Designer, opened a concept store in the Marais, in Paris, followed by two more that became the first in France to showcase brands such as Roberto Cavalli Vivienne Westwood, Dsquared2, Viktor & Rolf (...).
In 2012 Yoabm Baroukh launched his own tailoring brand LORDS & FOOLS. Since then it has become an international success.
With five boutiques worldwide and over 80 resellers, the brand is known on all 5 continents.
Many celebrities show their love for the fashion house by regularly wearing LORDS & FOOLS creations. These include, amongst many others, Ricky,  Martin, Bon Jovi, Gary Dourdan, Rafael Delafuente, and John Legend.




I would love to mention first and foremost, that we absolutely fell in love with your designs and admire your work. I would love to know, where did
the inspiration to design begin?

What a great question. I have been growing up with my mum, and she was very artistic in her way of living art, design, fashion, and music surrounded us everywhere. I think all this inspired me in my way of seeing life. My
mum has never been a conformist, she has never followed any trend, she was just following her ideas and visions. And I think with Lords & Fools I do the
same. I design what I like, and I create my trend based on what I see-movies, videoclips, and art. And I am sure, people like it.

What elements do you look up to that inspires you in your designs and overall collections?
Most of the time it comes from simple ideas an exposition, a trip, a movie. From what i see in my everyday life and what creates in me emotions

You are now an incredible world-renown designer, but we all start from somewhere. Can you share with us your journey to achieving what you
have today?

First, you must know that I am a youngest son of a tailor, and I have been growing up in his atelier and I think this fact made me develop the Universe of the Men Fashion. When I was 21, I knew already that a long period of studying was not for me. So, I decided to quit after 2 years of College to open a first shop in the Area of Paris called "Le Marais" where I grew up. It was a small shop, but it was very new and fashionable because I was the first one decided to sell
exclusively the collection with a strong personality. I used to sell Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, John Richmond, Dsqua Viktor & Rolf and I succeeded in it. At the age of 25 I opened my second shop and then at the age of 30 - the third one. I had a real success at that time, but retail was not enough so ldecided to become a sales distributor of brands from Italy during the next 2 years
My ex-wife used to tell me: "you know how to design a suit; you have your
style so launch your brand". And this is what I did.

You are known for your gravity-defying ches, baroque architecture elements, and attention to details in your designs. What new techniques should we expect to see in your newest collection?

We have been working on the thread of cotton mix with bullion thread. It is a new technic that we have developed, and it looks great. Cristal in our embroideries comes out of that and moreover, we are partnering now with the company Swarovski on precious and chic looks.