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Article: Portrait of the Artist in Lords&Fools

Portrait de l'Artiste en Lords&Fools - Lords & Fools - Sacha ANTOINE -

Portrait of the Artist in Lords&Fools

"For me Lords and Fools has succeeded as for my work as an artist in bringing together past history with the present!

Cuts and a style specific to eras that inspire me in my art like the Empire but with a little more contemporary chic!

I have had the honor of collaborating with L&F for almost 3 years and the style of this very special house has almost become one of my trademarks during my exhibitions, openings and artistic events.

Some of my works can be seen at the shop on rue de Turenne, I find that there is a real consistency between my baroque and art deco patterns and the colors enhanced with gold with Yoahm's creations!

These suits are my daily wardrobe as much for going to do works in the street as for presenting them in galleries."

Zacharie Bodson was born in March 1998. This urban artist from Lille hijacks the image of Jack Nicholson. He iconizes it in order to talk about politics, propaganda and advertising. We find this visual in particular in the series “Jack Invasion”. The artist stages the actor, places him in turn as a candidate for mayor of Lille, as a modern masked man or even as a revolutionary. Jack, the evil double of Zacharie, takes an acid look at the society in which he evolves.

He imbues all of his work with historical references acquired as part of his art history studies. If urban collage is one of his artistic approaches, he also works with different techniques combining drawing, stencil and collage on various supports.

Beyond his artistic-political approach around Jack, he develops his series "Fake Beaux Arts" where he re-interprets works in order to modernize them. The concept is simple: take paintings out of museums and make them accessible to as many people as possible. Thus works from the museums of Lille, Paris, Brussels, Montpelier, etc. are then reproduced in the street, accompanied by explanatory labels. In addition to offering the street the works of the museums of the cities he visits, he also re-interprets these historical works so that they echo current events.

One of its objectives is to give to see, reflect, challenge even offend the public. Faced with the endless stream of news and images, all he produces is catharsis.

His series are numerous such as “Experimentation of portraits”. He creates the portraits from photos of models posted on Instagram and sticks them in the street. Its goal is to create symbolic portraits of these women and to (make) think about self-confidence and especially the relationship to social networks. But also “Fuck NFT” where he displays QR Codes in the street referring to drawings hosted online, emphasizing that the future of art does not lie in NFTs.

The works are presented in your Lords&Fools shop

97, Rue de Turenne.

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