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Article: Lords&Fools X Carol Buque

Lords&Fools X Carol Buque - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha - afrique, artiste, congo, Fally Ipupa, personnal shopper, stylist

Lords&Fools X Carol Buque

Portrait of Carol Buque

Brazilian, currently stylist / personal shopper in Love with Lords&Fools

"Following my studies, my professional experience began in the banking sector where I held the position of account manager. But after three years, I headed for a sector corresponding more to my passion by opening a store of multi-brand clothing and accessories in Brazil.

My job was to choose the right products and accessories to advise my loyal customers whose trust I had won.

France, country of fashion and refinement, has always attracted me and a work opportunity with a designer in Paris allowed me to get started in my current job which I have been doing for 4 years in France.

I love my job because I've lived and breathed fashion since I was a kid.

My inspirations are diverse and I like to find in recognized brands or creators-designers who develop the best pieces to meet the demand of my customers and fit perfectly into their universe.

It is in this context that my meeting with Yoam Baroukh, creator of the Lords & Fools brand, allowed me to initiate a partnership to respond several times to the request of one of my clients, the singer artist Fally Ipupa. , in order to dress it for many events such as concerts, commercials, video clips or tv sets.

Through this collaboration, I discovered the Lords & Fools brand and fell in love with it.

Indeed, the refinement of the chosen materials, the very well structured cuts and the always original colors allow me to often serve the request of my customers and to satisfy their requirements.

In addition, always available and attentive, working with the L&F teams is really a real pleasure!"

Fally Ipupa - lords&fools - lily jacket
Fally Ipupa - lords&fools - crown sweatshirt
Fally Ipupa - lords&fools - purple glitter jacket
Fally Ipupa - lords&fools - embroidered denim bonaparte coat
Find Carol on Instagram: @carolbquee

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