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Article: Winter 2022 Collection: "A Winter in Venice"

Collection Winter 2022 : "Un Hiver à Venise" - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha - casanova, venise

Winter 2022 Collection: "A Winter in Venice"

Maison Lords&Fools invites you on a journey to the Serenissima with its Winter 2022 collection.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the House, Casanova will be our guide in the Venetian city, from Saint Mark's Square to the island of Murano.

City of water, the charming, the hated, the adored, the fragrant, the adored, the arrogant. Venice, cradle of all contradictions.
Giacomo Casanova who was in turn violinist, writer, magician, spy, diplomat, then librarian, said above all "Venetian".
Historical figure and not legendary, joyful and exuberant, he who lived as a free man, both in thoughts and behavior, embodies Venice, seduction, art, elegance better than anyone.

In this collection, the architectural details of the facade of the Doge's Palace, become the patterns of a luxurious fabric,
DOGES Costume
The crowned lion is transformed into embroideries on red velvet.
lion head
The House's signature Fleur de Lys is found in the hands of the Archangel Gabriel in "Le Paradis" by Tintoretto.
The leaden roofs of the Piombi prison, for their part, inspire a gray woolen cloth, rich and luminous, plain or with distinguished stripes like so many bars which could not hold Casanova back.
True to its traditions, the house also revisits the uniforms of the Carabinieri. Trimmings, Braids, Embroidery, adorn coats, jackets and shirts.
Venice at the time was the capital of Liberty in Europe. Casanova, the Libertine, embodies this greed for pleasure, squandering and perpetual celebration. The pageantry of the balls of the Venetian Republic, the gala evenings at La Fenice, come back to life thanks to sumptuous embroidery.
City of velvet par excellence, gold and black have been chosen this season.
A liquid, shimmering velvet, adorned with satin or gold trimmings for even more refinement.
Last stopover Murano, the young Casanova , then 28 years old, had made the convent of Murano her chosen place, successively falling in love with one sister and then another.
He made his visits there from Venice , by gondola. The floral prints pay homage to the master craftsmen of Murano who blow the glass there.
The streamlined elegance of black gondolas underlined with a gold line is offered in a black wool suit, redesigned with gold piping, further emphasizing the elegance of the cuts.
Through this journey, Yoahm Baroukh invites you into a world of majesty, seduction, imbued with culture, allure, presence, pleasures with the twist of modernity that characterizes his style over the seasons.
1976 year of birth of Yoahm is precisely the year when Fellini's Casanova came out.

Campanile of dandyism, gondolier of dapper, he approaches the Venetian lagoon with the confidence of the man with twenty successful collections.

The know-how of the House in Tailoring, combined with the requirements in the choice of raw materials, and the richness of the details provided, make all these pieces so desirable!

More than ever, the voluntarily limited edition of these costumes will allow you, Casanova of the modern world, to keep your exceptional style!

Cerchiamo di essere chic!

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