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Article: Marriage in Lords&Fools

Marriage in Lords&Fools

A wedding suit is not chosen lightly. As important as the dress of the bride, it is he who will announce the theme of the reception and therefore he deserves to be selected with great care. As men also often want to play the Pretty Woman for their wedding, they have the right, like women, to be welcomed into an exceptional boutique… Lords and Fools offers this kind of service.

La Maison Lords&Fools, partner of your weddings. Classic Tuxedo, Embroidery, Colors, everything is possible.

Discover the parade with the Winter 2021 proposals to discover on our Partner's website

Alexandre presents Lords and Fools exceptional tailor for future groom

Nothing is too good for a groom. The Lords and Fools brand presented to us by Alexandre understood this well. This tailor makes it a point of honor to offer unique and classy pieces.

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Collection Eté 2022 : NYC 1976 - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha -

Summer 2022 Collection: NYC 1976

At the origin of the collection, an emotion, the year of birth of our creator, Yoahm Baroukh: 1976.

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YOAHM BAROUKH : LORDS&FOOLS FOUNDER - Lords & Fools - Antoine Sacha -


YOAHM BAROUKH: LORDS & FOOLS FOUNDER Yoahm Baroukh is the founder and chief designer of the concept stores Lords & Fools, established in 2012. Since then, many celebrities have shown the...

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